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15/05/2017 19/05/2017

Havana, Cuba

About the city

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and the focal point of Cuban culture, rich in visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers, actors and writers and it is the base of the world famous Ballet Nacional. Havana is the kind of city where history oozes from every street and building and from every church and plaza. Vintage cars, baroque style buildings, grand mansions and palaces and beautiful courtyards adorn its streets. Walk along the famous Malecon for stunning views of the Bay and the Morro Fortress, which lies behind historical colonial style architecture. Old Havana, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, is the oldest part of Havana city and it is a mixture of narrow cobblestone streets, elegant beautifully restored buildings and ancient crumbling ruins. This part is merged with the most modern and eclectic buildings which give a touch of dynamic cosmopolitism. The dome of the National Capitol Building dominates the Havana skyline. Inside there is a statue of La Republica, the biggest indoor bronze effigy in the world. There is also an enormous and historic gallery, a 25-carat diamond that marks the exact centre of the city and the headquarters of the Cuban Natural History housing the country's largest natural history collection. There are two major cigar factories in Havana, the Partagas being the oldest. This working cigar factory is another “don’t miss” Havana experience. Havana is a unique and seductive city that hums with street life, joy and charm.

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Afro-Cuban Religion Tour

day 1 - Tour
There’s a lot more to Havana than meets the eye, and we want to show you one of the coolest cultures in the city. On this unique Havana tour, you’ll understand the various syncretic Afro-Cuban religions practiced widely in Cuba, as explained by an English-speaking expert in the field.

- Get to grips with Afro-Cuban religious beliefs and customs
- Step inside the houses of people who practise cult-like practices to this day
- Stroll down the hub of Afro-Cuban culture: Hammel street

Our local guide will walk you through parts of central Havana and into the homes of some devotees of the various religions, some of which are similar to voodoo. That's about all we can tell you (who doesn't love a bit of mystery, eh?!), except we can also tell you this: your Havana culture tour starts and finishes in the spectacular Callejon de Hammel - a small and colourfully decorated alley in central Havana, created by local resident Salvador Gonzáles Escalona.

Sit and enjoy a cool drink while you soak up the atmosphere of this famous alleyway, decorated with scrap objects like bathtubs, hand pumps, and pinwheels, and has now become a cultural focal point with workshops for young Cuban children to learn painting.

Languages: English and Spanish.

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Starting point:
Callejòn Hamel No. 1054, e/ Aramburo y Hospital - CU

End point: Same as starting point

Opening dates
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday, 09:30 - 11:30

Duration: 2 Hours

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Simple Havana
Simple Havana